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Rebranding from AVFilm

The process for the brand evolution of AVFilm, which was formerly known as the Alexander Valley Film Society, took place over six months. We worked with Sardine Academy and its principal, Mark Frankel, to develop the new brand creative. Strategy was led by Jessica Buzzard, a consultant specializing in brand development for film organizations and cultural ventures. After more than 30 stakeholder interviews, the following findings led to our Manifesto. 

  • True West Film Center is a trusted leader within the region and a valued partner for other area organizations.
  • True West Film Center is viewed as inclusive and as prioritizing accessibility with programs and outreach.
  • True West Film Center is a resource for storytellers of all ages and levels, driven by the conviction that we all have stories to tell and that all of our stories have value.
  • True West Film Center presents films that are original and unexpected, and gives audiences opportunities to experience movies that are not offered by mainstream entertainment.



True to our mission and guided by our vision, we see film as truth at 24 frames per second. Illuminating a familiar topic in an entirely new way, reflecting an experience far beyond our own, and opening us to new possibilities for ourselves and our world, we believe cinema is a revelation.


Inspired by the landscape of the west, our mindset is expansive, broad and inquisitive. In this spirit, we seek to create an inclusive space where everyone is welcome, everyone’s story is honored, and where all can gain a deeper understanding of our time and place.

True West

The expansive spirit of the west meets the revelatory power of cinema at True West Film Center, a forum for unique perspectives where community can grow, and art can flourish. Fueled by curiosity and creativity, we look to cinema to enrich our understanding of the human experience and to imagine new possibilities for ourselves and our world.

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